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HF-220 Fully-auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Working Mode: Fully-auto, discrete, random access, measured in assay cup directly
Throughput: 300 tests/h
Colorimetric cup: 120 ultraviolet colorimetric cups (assay cup), quartz cuvette is optional.
Stirring mechanism: independent stirring pins, stir fully immediately after samples and reagents added
Cleaning mechanism: 120 colorimetric cups on reaction plate can be cleaned automatically and recycling, low costs and convenient to use
Liquid level measurement: measure the liquid level of samples and reagents automatically and warn of excrescent liquid
Emergency Samples: can be added at any time and priority detected automatically
Analysis project: as many as 45 items online biochemical test (standard configuration, extensible)
Sample position: 60 sample cups (or primary tube)
Reagent position: 45 R1 or R2 kits can be contained at one time (extensible and all of them will be refrigerated independently)
Sample injector: independent sample injector and reagent injector to reduce the cross contamination speed up the testing process
Response time: 0-999 seconds
Injector : ceramic trace plunger pump
Measure Method: end-point method, dynamic method, immunoturbidimetry, fixed time method, etc
Measurable wavelength: 340-800 nm (single/double wavelength)
Pre-dilution: samples whose concentration beyond the linear range can be diluted and remeasured automatically
System calibration: deduction of cell blank and reagent blank, automatic zero setting,
Quality control: quality control tests can be added. Data can be stored, displayed, counted and quality control chart can be printed
Calibration: linear/nonlinear, single point/ multi-point calibration
Light source: 12 v long-life halogen lamp
Light path system: multi-channel optical fiber,post-spectro, displaythe responsecurve
Receiver: original imported optical sensor
Resolution: 0.0001 ABS
Sample volume: 1 ul - 100 ul
Dose: R1: 1-400 ul, R2: 1-400 ul
Power: 600W(Max)
Dimension: 930*730*1000(mm)

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