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HF-800A Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Test methodology: Absorption method, dynamic method, end-point method and multi-point calibration method, two-point method, dual-wavelength method, turbidimetry
Wavelength range: 300-800 nm
Precision of wavelength: ≤±1nm
Resolution: 0.001ABS
Cross contamination: ≤0.2%
Repeatability: cv≤0.1%
Sample volume: 100~9999ul,  
Stability : 0.001ABS/h
Light source: 12 v / 20 w imported quartz halogen lamp, service life is over 3000 hours
Temperature: 25℃、30℃、32℃、37℃
Precision of temperature : ±0.1℃
Cutette: 32μL titanium alloy/ quartz flowing colorimetric pool, small volume, easy to rinse
Printing: external printer, print A4 reports 
Data storage: >10000results, results can be searched and printed
Power supply : A.C.220V±22V  50Hz±1Hz
Weight: 10kg
●Unique post-spectro technology,national invention patent and utility model patent have obtained. 
●Power Fail Safeguard: data stored automatically to avoid accidental loss of measuring data and parameters 
●Imported titanium alloy colorimetric pool, samples are automatically isolated from one another by air so that cross contamination can be avoided furthest
●200 items and parameters stored inside, testing item and parameter can be increased or modified  as required 
●International standard RS 232 interface, connected to a computer to exchange data, print quality control chart
Both the import and domestic reagents are available

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