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The difference of HF6000-2 and HF6000-4 blood coagulation an

2017-11-17 16:27

Blood coagulation analyzer is a necessary equipment used for clinical testing, which can provide many important evidences for diagnosis of hemorrhagic disorders and thrombotic diseases. It also provides observation and monitor of thrombolytic therapy and anticoagulant therapy.

HF6000-2 and HF6000-4 are two modes of Healife blood coagulation analyzer, which are both suitable in county and township hospitals, clinics and centers for disease control and prevention.

They're all designed based on photo-electric detection magnetic beads method, which is free from the interfers of jaundice, chyle, turbidity and bubble.

But what is the difference between the two modes?

HF6000-2 coagulometers have two testing channels so that two samples can be tested at one time, while HF6000-4 coagulometers have four channels so that four samples can be tested at the same time. The more channels, the more convenient.

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